It’s happened again. The appalling massacre in Orlando has led to a mass media frenzy to demonise, stereotype and isolate some of the most vulnerable people in our society – the mentally ill. We see it every time that a fanatical Islamist goes on a killing spree; rather than put the blame where it belongs

Angry Birds the Movie review

Thursday, 16 June 2016 by

We here at the APF don’t normally do film reviews, let alone ones of “children’s movies”, but the new Angry Birds offering is no normal film, so here’s a short video review which sums the whole thing up very well. The arrival of the pig villains – who are unmistakably Islamist – quickly flags up

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As ‘rebel’ forces struggle desperately to prevent the liberation of the whole of Aleppo, there has to be a real danger that action will be taken to try give the ‘hawks’ in the USA and EU an excuse to argue for Western military action to prevent such a massive victory for the Syrian government. This

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APF-delegation in Syria

Monday, 25 April 2016 by

Currently a delegation from the Alliance for Peace and Freedom is in Damascus, Syria and on Sunday the 24th of April the delegation meet with the Speaker of the People’s Assembly Mohammed Jihad al-Laham. The delegation was led by APF President Roberto Fiore, and he was accompanied by MEP Udo Voigt, MEP Eleftherios Synadinos and

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Imagine your nation, your Christian nation, having its ancient heartland torn out and presented on a plate to gangs of Islamist cut-throats. Now imagine that the people to blame for this outrage are still in high office in Washington, London and Brussels. Now stop imagining, because it‘s true! Kosovo was the historical birthplace of the

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Four members of Turkey‘s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) have been arrested in an anti-terrorist operation aimed at detaining members of Islamic State. A total of 15 people were detained during the operation, according to 9 Eylül newspaper. The raid took place in the Turkish city of Izmir in early April. The suspects were

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Just in case anyone has doubts about our poster and social media campaign against terror Godfather Saudi Arabia, here‘s a timely reminder that, since we began it, others have been playing catch up. In an interview with Bild newspaper, Mr.Sigmar Gabriel Deputy of the German Prime Minister and the German Minister of Economy alluded to

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Just because Turkey has accepted a 6Billion Euro bribe to “stop” the flow of migrants to Europe that it unleashed last year, doesn‘t mean that the flood will stop. Because that protection racket only extends to the Turkish-Greek border. Already, the devious, greedy, anti-Christian Erdogan regime is organising the next stage of the operation to

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Vote “No” campaigners for Britain‘s EU Referendum are rightly making the point that to stay in the EU is likely to mean 80 million Turks having the right to live, work and sign on in the UK by 2020. But the reality is even worse than that. Because the real figure will be over 140

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As the Syrian Army wipes out the ISIS head-cutters trapped in Palmyra, watch the reaction of Mark Toner, State Department Deputy Spokesperson (and, in this case, that PC “-person” drivel is fair enough) as he‘s asked how the Obama regime feels about it. What sort of regime is it whose “spokespersons” find it hard to