With only a few dozen MPs in favour of Brexit, it was always at least possible that the political elite would deliberately fail to deliver the demand of the British people. Ever since the vote, I have however been in two minds on the matter. After all – even though she personally was a ‘Remainer’,

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Everyone can see what’s going on! This is a full-scale purge. Rightist, traditionalist, nationalist and Christian voices are being demonestised and silenced on Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Patreon, PayPal, Google, Instagram, and every other liberal-left run social media platform. Below is a video about just one more example. The target is NOT the so-called ‘Alt-Right’, but

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What caused the people of Britain to vote to Leave? Most pundits have explained it as a grass-roots rebellion by the working class losers of globalisation, coupled with the votes of older people resentful about the way their country is almost unrecognisable from the land of their youth. But, of course, there is more to

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The headlines and fall-out from Brexit may conceal it for a few weeks, but in the wake of the terrible murder of MP Jo Cox, a spectre is haunting Britain – the spectre of the Troubles of Northern Ireland. Everything points to the mainland heading rapidly down the same slippery slope of repression, conflict and

The people of Britain are about to become the next victims of the ‘Coloured Revolution’ tactics used by Washington and Brussels against democratically elected governments from Serbia to Syria, from Ukraine to Brazil. Within a few days of the British electorate’s totally unforeseen grass-roots decision to defy Establishment bullying and waves of MSM propaganda to

The British Lion has roared! To be more accurate, the English and Welsh have chosen freedom. The echoes of that choice will be heard all over Europe in the next few years and will bring the tyranny of Strasbourg’s blasphemous new Tower of Babel crashing to the ground! So I’m delighted to say that I

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Every single commentator is saying that the result of the Brexit vote is “too close to call”. This in itself, however, tells us several things. The first is that, without the murder of MP Jo Cox and its ruthless exploitation by the Remain camp and its allies in the media, a comfortable majority of Brits

There is a quiet but growing anger in Britain over the way in which the pro-EU political and media elite are exploiting the tragic murder of MP Jo Cox by a lone gunman. While only some have so far stooped to the depths of the Daily Star, a number of Labour MPs and left-wing journalists

“A truly shocking tragedy. Our thoughts are with Jo Cox’s family at this terrible time and it is a dark day for Britain and for lovers of freedom and democracy to see that the British mainland now appears to be firmly on the list of countries blighted by the phenomenon of political assassination”. That is

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If you were in favour of British membership of the EU, scared of losing the popular vote, and willing to cheat to avoid that, how would you do it? The easiest way of all is to ‘nobble’ the postal votes. Surely no-one would do that? If you think so, just look who’s doing the counting!

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