As liberals all over the EU continue to express shock over the sight of 100,000 Polish patriots on the march, here’s a report from German state TV on the parade and the APF’s involvement in it. The video features a clip of APF President Roberto Fiore peaking at the rally that preceded the march. The

The failing liberal regimes of Western Europe are becoming more and more repressive and intolerant as they see their stale old ideas lose appeal and power. The latest example is in Spain, where 14 patriots have been sentenced to terms of up to three years in prison for a noisy but peaceful protest against the

Monday sees the start of the latest move by the “democratic” German state to outlaw the NPD for the “crime” of providing a consistent, principled and scrupulously legal alternative to the American puppet regime that has brought Germany to the verge of destruction. All over Europe, groups of nationalists have mobilised to hold symbolic demonstrations