Hungarian patriots are organising a demonstration in Brussels against the efforts of the European Union to force ‘refugee’s and mass migration on Hungary against the clear wishes of the Hungarian people. Here is what the organisers say about the event, which is scheduled for 29th November: “The greatest problem we are currently facing is immigration,

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In recent days the Expo Foundation in Sweden has launched a campaign against the pan-European party the Alliance for Peace and Freedom, and our Foundation, Europa Terra Nostra. Now SVT News (Swedish state television) has also decided to join the propaganda drive, completely failing even to contact us to ask for our comments. We take

Monday sees the start of the latest move by the “democratic” German state to outlaw the NPD for the “crime” of providing a consistent, principled and scrupulously legal alternative to the American puppet regime that has brought Germany to the verge of destruction. All over Europe, groups of nationalists have mobilised to hold symbolic demonstrations