Antifa are funded by George Soros and a whole slew of corporate foundations and big business-backed ‘charities’. Here is the absolute PROOF! And it’s from the most authoritative source possible: Antifa’s own U.S. tax returns! This devastating video exposes the ‘street-fighters’ of the far-left as just another bunch of Useful Idiots working for the corporate

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George Soros has his fingers in many pies, most of them made with the money he has gained from decades of speculation on the parasitic financial markets. From the ‘refugee’ flooding of Europe to the funding of ‘coloured revolutions’, from the Arab Spring to the coup and civil war in Ukraine, to Black Lives Matter

A Czech television station has come under fire from liberal media outlets after details emerged of an editorial meeting in which journalists were told to report negatively on the migrant crisis or find employment elsewhere. ‘Strangely’, those complaining about this have never had any worries over the relentless efforts by Western news outlets such as